About OfficeInfluence.com

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We believe that the use of influence techniques in the workspace is of great value, but only if people are listening. “Influential Presence” is the key to being heard.

Office influence is the ability to move a person’s thinking, actions and/or decisions in a way that forwards your business objectives.

Our surveys, assessments and 360 questionnaire are designed to help employees, of all organizational levels, understand their ability to influence others in the workplace and, in the process, enhance their professional reputation, current job performance, and future career advancement.

Based on Eric Bloom’s book “Office Influence: Get What You Want from the Mailroom to the Boardroom” and research done in cooperation with the University of Northern Colorado, our founder, Eric Bloom, identified 53 personal and business attributes that positively or negatively affect people’s ability to influence others in the workplace.  This research is at the heart of our survey, assessment and 360 capabilities.

These 53 attributes are divided into five categories:

Internal Personal Attributes: Who you are as a person
External Personal Attributes: Your actions as observed by others
Professional Stature: Your credentials, achievements, knowledge and experience
Interpersonal Skills: Your ability to communicate with others
Business Skills: Your ability at activities, such as negotiation and teambuilding

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