Office Influence is the tip of the spear in all interpersonal communication activities, including negotiation, change, sales, leadership, conflict resolution and more. Negotiation is a highly interactive two-way type of influence. Sales is influencing customers to buy your products and services. The list goes on and on.

This workshop, based on Eric Bloom’s book “Office Influence: Get What You Want from the Mailroom to the Boardroom”, explains how to enhance your office influence through the process of professional growth, industry leading concepts and ready-to-use tools, tips and techniques.

Pre-workshop activities by each attendee (optional):

  • Ten-minute online survey on the importance of various personal influential attributes
  • Fifteen-minutes online personal assessment of workplace influential presence
  • Computer-generated individualized “Influence Enhancement Analysis and Action Plan”

Workshop topics

  • Understanding the barriers to influence
  • 53 person and business attributes that enhance or detract from your ability to influence others
  • Factors that effect people’s willingness to say “yes”
  • Things people want/need in return for being influenced
  • Push and Pull influence types
  • Situational influence
  • Influence prioritization (prioritizing who to influence)
  • Specific tips and techniques on using influence in the workplace

Post-workshop activities (optional)

  • 360 online assessments of the leadership team or individual team members
  • Team or individual executive coaching to enhance influential capabilities
  • Ongoing online re-assessment to track progress and future steps

This workshop will help attendees:

  • Increase their knowledge of key influence concepts, techniques and practices
  • Enhance their ability to influence those inside and outside your organization
  • Create their own action plan designed to maximize their office influence
  • Enhance their individual effectiveness and their team’s success

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