Delegating up is the art of using your manager to help you get things done. After all, completion of your tasks is their responsibility.  Therefore, if presented properly, it’s relatively easy to gain their assistance, because your win is also their win and your loss is also their loss.

Influence strategies you can use to manage up to your manager include:

Influencer #1: Producing quality work

Above all else, the best way to influence your manager and other superiors is to be seen as an important company resource with a reputation for producing high quality work. Whom would you be more likely to take advice from, a person known for generating great results or someone thought of as creating inferior quality products?

Influencer #2: Transparency

With transparency comes trust. When your manager believes you are honest and willing to tell the truth, good or bad, they are more likely to trust you. This trust will make your manager more likely to listen to your suggestions, perspective, and requests for assistance.

Influencer #3: Willingness to ask for help

Sometimes, the best way to get your manager’s help is by simply asking. As said earlier, it may be part of your job requirement, but the completion of your tasks is still your manager’s responsibility.

Influencer #4: Suggesting potential solutions

In addition to being willing to ask for help, whenever you ask your manager for help solving an issue, also provide a potential solution. In some cases, your manager will follow your suggestion. If not, it’s still a win for you because it illustrates your ability and willingness to think on your own and not just ask for help.