Our office influence survey, individual assessment and 360 assessment analyze 53 employee personal and business attributes.   Combined with our training and coaching you can enhance employee productivity, facilitate employee growth, and help your organization meet its business objectives.

Our assessment is complementary to other industry-leading assessments, such as DISC and Predictive Index (PI).  DISC primarily assesses your communication style.  PI primarily assesses who you are as a person.

Our Office Influence (OI) assessment analyzes and facilitates the enhancement of the personal and business attributes needed to maximize your client’s influence, effectiveness and productivity in the workplace. These attributes are divided into the following five categories:

Internal Personal Attributes: Who you are as a person
External Personal Attributes: Your actions as observed by others
Professional Stature: Your credentials, achievements, knowledge and experience
Interpersonal Skills: Your ability to communicate with others
Business Skills: Your ability at activities, such as negotiation and teambuilding

The ability to influence other in the workplace is the tip of spear in all interpersonal business activities, including leadership, negotiation, change, sales, conflict resolution, delegation, and more. For example, negotiation is a highly interactive two-way type of influence. Sales is influencing customers to buy your products and services. The list goes on and on.

Our office influence survey, assessment and assessment 360 simultaneously:

  • Provides your employees with individualized action plans on now to enhance their organizational influence, enhance current job performance, and accelerate their professional growth.
  • Provides Human Resources with the summary data needed to plan future training programs, develop individualized training curriculum, facilitate customized coaching and mentoring programs, and generate individualized growth metrics.

Based on Eric Bloom’s book “Office Influence: Get What You Want from the Mailroom to the Boardroom” and a survey done in cooperation with the University of Northern Colorado,  our founder, Eric Bloom, identified 53 personal and business attributes that positively or negatively affect an employee’s ability to influence others in the workplace. The research is at the heart of our survey, assessment and 360 capabilities.

The survey/assessment/classroom/coaching combination provides a form of individualized training within a group environment, allows employees to  learn via the classroom and,  additionally, have the opportunity to learn more about themselves.

As a certified Office Influence partner, you’ll have access to the following platform features:

Co-branded webpage on our website, allowing you to:

  • Conduct and summarize Office Influence surveys to understand the group’s influence culture
  • Allow individuals to take the office influence assessment and generate a 20+ page individualized “Influence Characteristics, Analysis, and Action Plan” eBook (see picture to left)
  • Expand on an individual’s assessment with a full 360 analysis including input from the person’s manager(s), peers and staff.

Full administrative capabilities via our website, allowing you to:

  • Manage individual and group surveys, assessments and 360s
  • Create individualized coaching plans
  • Create group surveys and assessment summaries for group coaching /training purposes
  • Generate various reports, including:
    • Coaching suggestions customized to each client
    • Survey and assessment summaries
    • Demographic analysis
    • Financial reporting
    • More!


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