Office Influence Profiles

“He has delivered symposium sessions, workshops and keynote speeches, all to rave reviews. He is a fantastic speaker and an extraordinarily gracious person – the ultimate professional who will ensure the success of your event.”

Amy Ruddell, Vice-President, Business Unit,  Macgregor Communications

“He provided tremendous educational value to our attendees and was extremely flexible in tailoring the topic for our specific audience. I highly recommend him for your conference and/or corporate speaking and training needs.”

Ira Keltz, President, NEECOM (New England Electronic Commerce Users’ Group)

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Looking for a dynamic, knowledgeable and experienced speaker?  You found him!

As past president of National Speakers Association New England and a Certified Professional Speaker (CSP), Eric Bloom will engage your audience and help you, the meeting planner, meet your business objectives.



Available in person and virtually!

Our classes, offered in-person and live online, are designed to maximize your team’s emotional intelligence, interpersonal communications, influential power, which in turn enhances their effectiveness at negotiation, implementing change, conflict resolution, delegation, project management, presentations, and all other aspects of workplace interaction.


Executive Coaching

Available in person and virtually!

Our goal is to help you be the future professional you would like to become.

Our nine-step “Office INFLUENCE Coaching Process” will simultaneously increase your organizational clout, enhance your job performance, position you for promotion, and accelerate your upward mobility.



Eric Bloom is the Founder of, author of the book “Office Influence: Get What You Want from The Mailroom to the Boardroom”, an Amazon bestselling author, speaker, trainer and executive coach.

Eric is also a former nationally syndicated columnist, TEDx speaker, and recognized thought leader on the use of influence in the workplace. He is also a Past President of National Speakers Association New England, a Certified Professional Speaker (CSP), and the author of various other books, including “Productivity Driven Success” and “Manger Mechanics: Tips and Advice for First Time Managers”. Prior to his current role, Eric was a senior executive at various firms including Fidelity Investments, and Independence Investments.